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  1. HI All,

    Fred, I sent a blog to you earlier this morning ,it appears under your blog about Christine running better after tuning.

    The blog was put there because I clicked onto “reply” under your original blog of yesterday evening,in answer to it.

    This blog will appear on the top of all blogs list because I scrolled down to the bottom of the page down before making a comment/reply. that is how it works now .
    Try it yourself.
    I hope you and Arthur both enjoy you days out this weekend with no problems.

    Regards Ken.

  2. Hi,
    Fred pleased to read that tuning firm has sorted out with the Carb and ignition on Christine you should find a big difference when you drive to Tatton Park. The car will going even better once you have the twin carbs fitted.

  3. I’m blogging where you are supposed to. At the bottom. Where will it appear?
    Anyway, I got Christine back today and she’s running great. Apparently the pivot for the accelerator linkage on the bulkhead was supposed to have a swivelling bearing and there was none. I knew this, but I didn’t know that it resulted in getting less than half the max throttle opening.
    Steve the mechanic, made a new swivel, fitted the electronic ignition I bought at the NEC, and generally sorted things timing wise. He spent five hours on the job and when the twin carbs are ready he will tune them as well. So, Tatton Park here we come.

    • HI Fred,
      Some good news at last,full steam ahead for you,how about a photograph of the pivot bearing you spoke off.We might all suffer from that other wise,that is what this blog should be about,learning from other peoples car problems and their corrections.

      I hope you can find this OK,and it is not lost in the new system.

      Best Regards All,From Ken.

      Best regards Ken.

  4. Hi.
    All I attened a local Classic Car show and fun day at Bradford on Avon on bank hoilday Monday with my Austin Cambridge also attending was fellow club member John Tranmore with his 1971 Wolesley 16/60 the show was very well attened and there was about 135 classic and vintage cars from a 1916 Perry to late 1990.s cars. Our cars had lots of interest with visiters saying its was there first car or they had one in the family. My next day out with my Cambridge is a Classic car tour with the Yeovil car club on Sunday.
    Please note that our club will have a club stand at the Bristol Claassic Car show to be held at the Royal Bath and West Show ground over the week end of 18/19 June come and visit our club stand over the week end.

  5. Hi Fred,
    I hope your tuning firm is able to get “Christine” to run better,are you still on standard ignition and single carburettor?(Zenith?)
    What grade of petrol are you using,I had a spell of running on supermarket petrol in my Audi 80,then by chance I had a couple of tank fulls of Esso fuel,it transformed the car,and would pull smoothly in 5th gear at 30M.P.H.just like it did when I first purchased the car second hand.
    This modern fuel is nothing like the 4 and 5 star petrol of old.
    I hope you will find this script OK it took me days to find your last message.
    The new blog system is complete and utter rubbish,and needs to be put back as it was.
    Lets hope club member Mr.X. attention span holds together and he can make a written reply here that would be an achievement for him.
    Best regards to All, from Ken.

  6. Hi All,

    Due to the expected rain storm in the South East, I’ve time on here this morning.
    Due to the way this blog page now functions,I’ve just found Fred’s
    Blog of the 29th of May tucked away under Paul’s explanation of the new system.
    In my opinion the original format of the blog was the only way for it to operate,i.e. last entry next to the Reply Comment Box.
    If it does not go back to that original system of working I shall give it a miss completely.

    Perhaps that is the idea.?????

    Come on this blog has been used to promote the club to potential members,will a blank pages do that????

    Regards Ken,

    • Hi Ken, The posts are all over the place. I don’t like it one bit. As for the mysterious reader who wants it this way, he can get to the back of the queue.
      Dropped Christine off at the place I get the Evans coolant from this morning for tuning. Hope she runs better after this. Got to get to Tatton Park on Saturday morning.

  7. I know this might not be anything that people who use this would be interested in but someone who just looks at it might be.

    Zoe Chamberlain in Oswestry, Shropshire has a selection of A60 Pick-up spares for sale. These include, front & rear bumpers, radiator grille, an undamaged cab headlining and there are ‘new’ boxed spares as well as used spares in tea chests. She is going to email me an inventory when she has the time.

    Contact Zoe on: 01691 671260 or email: z.chamberlain@outlook.com

  8. Hi All,
    Hope you have all enjoyed you respective holiday.
    Good to see the return of young Fred,I’ve been missing not due to holidays like you lucky people but because of jobs required around the house and home,and what time I’ve had on the computer for over 3 weeks, has been taken up with a firm that sold me a so called quality leather chair about 20 months ago, at a quality price.It appears I might have won that one at the moment,hopefully,only time will tell.
    Fred, Paul Curtis (Web master) put a blog item on about the page about the Blog pages construction, scroll down the page to his name and date May 22nd timed at 7.39am not his blog same date,timed at 7.12
    It opened my eyes some what ,I thought you had read it and carried out your threat of giving up the blog.
    In my opinion if an unnamed club member finds it difficult to operate his computer and every thing has to change because of it, God help us!
    Best Regards Ken.

  9. Hi
    I will have a word with Jeff as he normaly speaks to the web people about problems with the blog. Fred,can you write me some thing for our news letter on your engine rebuild on the westminster

    • I’ve just done a write up on the first phase of the build and I will send you a copy. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to link it so that it can be emailed, so I will have to send you a hard copy. Assuming that you like it, I can then email the pictures separately. The formatting and print quality our magazine pictures is frankly abysmal. I have yet to see one the correct shape and the colour balance is poor. I think you ought to give serious thought to changing the printer and the magazine size. A4 would be vastly superior. Along with the article I will send you a back copy of the Wolseley mag. This is what we should be aiming for.

  10. Hi Fred,
    have managed to remove the float chambers from the SU carbs yet ??. i am going to a local clasic car rally in Bradford on Avon on Monday I think they are expexting around 50 to 60 cars I will be taking my 1961 Austin Cambridge. Have you any thing planned for the week end ?/.

    • Got a weekend at Tatton Park starting 4th June. Expecting 2-3 thousand cars. Should keep me occupied!
      Anyone in the know read my comment about the blogs being all back to front? More to the point, is anything being done about it?
      Where’s Ken? We’re down to two now Arthur. Time to throw in the towel.

  11. Hi All,
    Just got back from our holiday in Cyprus we managed to meet up with 2 of our for Cyprus members the other 2 we were unable to meet up with due to them being out of the counrty on bussiness. how ever we did meet up with 15 classic cars on a tour of the mountains. I also visited the motor museum in limassol which has 70 cars on display dating from 1910 to 1999 nearly all of these are in good condtion and most are used on a regular basis for clasic car runs and weddings

  12. Hi All,
    Went to the Beaulieu Spring Autojumble yesterday. Saw a nearside A60 front wing there for £375 and there was a 1964 Vanden Plas 4LTR R for sale for restoration at £3,750. It could do with a good re-spray as the paint was peeling and the driver’s seat was looking a little scuffed, but there were no tears in it and the only rust I could see was some slight rust on some of the chrome parts. Don’t know about the mechanical bits though! There was a very nice white Wolseley 6/110 MKII on a caravan club stand and the classic Hearse club had an A55/A60 van which had been stretched to make it into a Hearse. it had a few rust holes in it but must be unique.

    I spoke to Danny Hopkins, Editor of Practical Classics, and he said there will be a 4 page article on the A105 Countryman in the July issue. This is not the one that will be on sale on Wednesday but the one after that.

    Bye for now,


  13. Hi. Probably one for Paul. Can Sinclair Knight or whoever, get the pots running in the right order again? They seem a…se about race to me.

    Cheers, Fred

    • Hi Fred,
      We did have a member complain at the 2015 AGM that he had to scroll all the way to the end to get to the latest posts and by the time he was half way through he lost interest and gave up. So we had it turned around so that anyone looking at it could see the latest activity. A couple of other blogs I look at do the same. The only thing I can see that is out of date order is the replies to blog posts.

      If you are seeing something different then please leave me an email.

      Regards, Paul,

      • Hi Paul, Not once I have ever considered going to the end of the list was strange or inconvenient. To me that’s the logical place to find the last entry. Being democratic, can we have it the way most users want it? I vote to go back to how it was.
        Glad to see you back Ken, I really thought you had jacked it in. Our growth rate is zero, but what do we do about it? Arthur, what about a mail-shot, or a separate letter along with the mag, asking, nay, begging that members join in and inject some more life into this club. Something has got to happen guys, it really is dying on it’s feet.

  14. Hi All,
    My wife and I are off to Cyprus for 10 days holiday when we are there we will be able to meet up with our 4 Cyprus club members who have the follwing cars :- 1966 Austin Westminster A110, 1959 Austin Cambridge A55 MK 2, 1968 Wolesley 16/60 and a 1958 Austin Westminster A105. In Cyprus there is a large number of Classic and Vintage cars all of which are in very good condition as its always dry. They have a number of Classic car rallys and over the years i have been to these. the standard of the cars is excellent.

    • Hi Arthur. Tell your Mediterranean friends to get on the blog. We need them.
      Joyce and I are off with the caravan for eight nights in Northumberland on Wednesday. A bit cooler than Cyprus I imagine.
      Have a good time.

      Cheers, Fred

  15. Hi All,
    Bank hoilday Monday I went to the Newly refurbished British Motor Museum at Gaydon. I had not been there for about 10 years. the newly refurbished and enlarged museum is much better than the old one the vehicles are displayed better and the reserve collection of vehicles are all now on view in new building along with the Jaguar collection of historic vehicles, I spent a very nice day at Gaydon. there is a 1962 Austin A60 Saloon in the reserve collection.
    So if you are in the area the museum is will worth a visit,

  16. Hi Arthur.
    There is a local firm who specialise in MG tuning and suchlike. It’s where I get my Evans coolant from. I think I will book Christine in for tuning, to cure the running-on and to be sure that all is well. The carbs are nigh on done, but that float is still stuck. I’ll try the Plus Gas next, when I find a local stockist. Another job for Mr Google!
    Once everything is running ok, then I’ll fit the carbs. I’ll tell the tuner to expect a return visit. With the new cam, it’s quite likely that the advance curve needs changing, so I don’t want to change too many things at once.
    Most of it will have to wait until we come back from holiday, but if he wants to keep her for a week or so, that’s ok with me.

    Cheers, Fred

  17. Hi,
    Any progress on the Twin SU Carbs ??. How is Christine going now you have put a few miles on it ??. We have hail and snow hear yesterday. I am hoping that we will have nice weather for the bank hoilday week end.

  18. Hi All,
    Just read “Miffed of Sheffield’s” latest post.
    Yes the page is running the wrong way,its been like that since it went off-line earlier this month.
    I am sorry to see you considering exiting the blog Fred.
    Although small in numbers I thought it worth continuing,your photograph of the Austin 16 at Gaydon museum,which led to Arthur telling us about the car having the signatures of the work force, the boss being the first to sign,and then in another post Arthur tells us who really was the first to sign their name on the car is what makes the blog worth more than interesting,to me at least.
    The officials of the club have tried to get other members to join in the blog through the newsletter,what else could be done??
    Best Regards Ken.

  19. Hi Peeps. The blogs are running in the wrong direction. Can anything be done about it?
    On a positive note, I’ve just had my ears syringed and I’m back in the land of 20/20 hearing, or whatever the aural equivalent is.
    It snowed yesterday and it keeps hailing today. Not quite Spring methinks.
    The Beemer got its MOT on Monday, so it’s all ready to brag the caravan to Northumberland in a fortnights time. I hope it warms up a bit by then.
    Back on the negative note again. This blog is dying on its feet. If we don’t get some more contributions pronto, I shall jack it in as waste of time. A great pity when people have gone to the effort of giving us picture posting facilities. I have to wonder how many of the club members actually give a toss about taking part in anything.

    Miffed of Sheffield.

  20. Hi All,
    I took my Cambridge out on Drive It Day I went to the Royal Oak at Bishopstone near Swindon where I stayed nearly all day about 100 cars and 20 motor cycles visited the Royal Oak during the day. On my way home I visited the Calne Motor Musuem which was also holding a Drive It Day. I also saw lots of Morgan cars out on the road.

  21. Hi Gang. Who remembered that today is Drive It Day?
    Christine went out to a birthday tea. I’ve nearly finished the sound-proofing, so it was an opportunity to hear how effective it is. By an amazing coincidence I have developed an ear wax problem and am effectively deaf! So, the car was so quiet I had to hold the gear lever to know if the engine was running. No doubt the reality is not quite so good, but deafness has little to recommend it. Looks like a visit to the practice nurse to get my lug holes syringed.

    Cheers, Fred.

  22. Hi,
    Pleased to hear you had a good walk and that Christine went OK. On my Austin Cambridge the electric fuel pump is mounted in the boot near the petrol tank where its not affected by any heat. You could mount your pump in the front of the engine bay you may get heat from the radiator on the pump ???.

  23. Hi All,

    Fred, good to hear car running OK,have you considered mounting your electric fuel pump in the boot if you think heat is going to be a problem,that is where B.M.C. mini’s had them.
    Regards Ken.

  24. Hi Gang. The pipes are not bad, it was recommended as a preventative measure. Anyway, they are covered in a thick layer of grease. I was going to spray Waxoyl on them until I saw the price! A little spray can is over £9. Blow that. I’ll have a look on the net and find something cheaper. The new suspension arm came today while we were out. Only took ten minutes to fit it.
    The walk was brilliant, as was the weather. Christine went perfectly, but on the return trip the electric fuel pump was chattering away ten to the dozen. My first thought was a leak, but there was no smell of petrol.
    When we got back, I had a good look round and felt the pump, which was quite warm. I have come to the conclusion that the under-bonnet temp and the closeness of the exhaust manifold and down pipe are causing vaporisation and the pump was pushing vapour. So, either I reside the pump and the fuel line, or I wrap the exhaust and insulate the pump etc. I think re-plumbing it all will prove to be the most effective, with the pump at the front of the engine bay, rather than the back. Always something just when you think you are winning. The round trip was about 45 miles by the way.

    Cheers, Fred.

  25. Hi All,
    Sorry to hear of your BMW’s rusty brake pipes Fred,They should take a leaf out of SAAB’s book and fit all metal pipework inside the cabin.My SAAB 96 V4 had all but 8 inches of metal pipes on the rear brake hubs hidden from road filth in the cabin.Come to think of it a guy I worked with had a Renault 4 car and that had copper brake pipes as a standard works fitting.
    Keep up the good work.
    Regards Ken.

  26. Hi
    you have said that you have soaked the SU Carb float chambers in Derv. You could also try the soaking the float chambers in Plusgas I have used this in past and its worked OK.

    • Hi Peeps. Been busy with Beemer jobs today to get through the MOT. Needs a new track control arm on the front a couple of advisories. Handbrake close to a fail and rear brake pipes needed greasing or lathering with Waxoyl to keep the corrosion at bay. Unfortunately whilst dropping the rear subframe a couple of inches I managed to snap the wiring to one of the rear ride height sensors. Luckily, BMW agents do the same, so a repair kit is available. At £7 it was a cheap life-saver.
      Going walking tomorrow, so Christine is getting a nice run to Edale in the Peak District.

      Regards, Fred.

  27. Well, I boiled the float chamber, but no joy. So I’ve left it soaking in diesel. Along with new gaskets I will buy a couple of plastic floats if I just can’t get it out.

  28. Hi All,
    Fred,if you use your wife’s best saucepan to boil your rather grotty looking carbs,the pans might end up wrapped around your head, don’t risk it,look for a saucepan past it best ,and ask first.
    When you have read your newspaper,put it up for sale on ebay the money will help fund you rebuild.

    Is Billy still with us,and have you decided to join the club?
    I thought after I replied to you there were other A40’s made by Austin,earlier than your date (1955) A40 Devon and A40 Somerset,Have you got a A40 Cambridge or not?
    Best Regards Ken.

  29. Hi Peeps. Don’t know if it’s just my iPad, but the blog entries are all over the place. I will resume the practice of replying at the bottom of the page and hope it sorts itself out in time.
    Good idea about boiling my carb Ken. Second person to suggest that. Obviously I will use one of the best saucepans for this task.
    Billy? A new member! Yippee! And he knows how to blog, what a bonus. Ok Billy, now the big test, post us some pictures of your new motor. Oh, and where are my manners, welcome to the gang.
    Did I tell you that when I dismantled the rear centre armrest I found a newspaper from April 1955? I’m guessing that it was put there by a guy on the assembly line.

    Cheers, Fred

  30. Fred,
    From your last report you now have set of SU Carbs for your Westminster. Once you have finished cleaning them up you will need spares /gaskets etc to put them into first class order for use on your car. All Spares and gaskets For All Types of S U Carbs are Still available from :- Burlin Fuel Systems Ltd Spitfire House Salisbury Wilts on 01722 412500. they ore open week days Mon to Thurs 0845 to 1700 Friday 0845 to 1630. You can also go on line for parts :- Burlin Fuel Systems Ltd . You can also ring them tell them what carbs you have and they will advise what spares you will need.
    I have used them a number of times and I have always had very good service and the parts have been dispatched and have arrived in days.

  31. Hi Billy,
    You ask questions about your Austin A40 a Cambridge A40 by your date there was another A40 called a Farina after about 1960.
    Look at the panel to the left of the blog screen,click on “Timelines” and most of your questions will be answered.
    Whats it worth? Only as much as anybody wants to pay but it is quite rare,most suffered with rust and being run into the ground until they stopped.
    Regards Ken.

  32. Hi .. A question .. I’m new Austin car owner .. I have just got a Austin a4o Cambridge 4 Door car .. Reg.. 461 UYO .. believed to be about 1955 if this is correct as I’m not sure on this .. It is in its original state but in great condition for its age and starts on the button and drives great … could anybody give me a clue to how much this car would be worth … it as all the history etc and all the original log books.. it also has the sun viser above the front window screen .. any info on this car would be a great help .. Thank You

  33. Hi All,
    Good to see the blog back again,Thank you at Sinclaire Knight for your efforts to get us up and running again.
    Arthur you comments about the first signing of the first 1 millionth car at the Austin works shows the British workforce at its best,anything to beat the management!!! That’s a really good story,and it rings true.
    He risked the sack signing first if caught.
    Fred I’ve read some where aluminum castings come clean boiling them in a detergent/water mix,never tried it my self might save elbow grease and breathing dust.
    Regards Ken.

  34. Hi Fred.
    whats the latest news on the Westminster rebuild ??.
    More info on the Millionth Austin Car the 1946 Austin 16. The car was pained white so the work force and all the directors plus Leonard Lord could all right there names on the car in pencil. The car was locked in the main show room at the works with a minder until the office Lunch time when Leonard Lord would be the first to write his name on the cars bonnet. However the minder John Cleaver decided that he could wait until the official time so he put his name on the dark side of the car and he put his name under the roof gutter which was out of sight. At lunch time Leonard Lord put his name on the bonnet and was photographed as the First One to put his name on the car. No one ever found out that he was not the first person to put there name on the Austin 16


  35. Hi All,
    Pleased to report that last week I had my 1961 Austin Cambridge pass its MOT OK I am now ready to attend a Drive It Day Event on 24/4/16 at the Royal Oak Pub at Bishopstone near Swindon Wilts there are normaly 100 to 125 cars plus lots of motor bikes that visit the pub during the Drive it Day. Hope lots of our club members will also be attending Drive it Day events or just taking there club cars out on the 24/4/16

    • Hi Gang. Welcome back. Normal (ish) Service has been resumed.
      I have been sticking large quantities od sound-proofing into Christine, so much so I have had to order more supplies. This came yesterday, but due to the Beemer failing it’s MOT on a front ball-joint and a couple of advisories for handbrake, which they are famous for being rubbish and the rear brake pipes needing cleaning and plastering with grease etc before the corrosion gets serious; Christine will have to wait until this is sorted. At least I can use the garage and the car-lift now.
      You may recall me mentioning buying a spare engine from a guy on the Wolseley forum. Well, part of the deal included a pair of S.U. carbs. They have sitting on an old engine in his shed for quite for time and look pretty grotty. This week I made a start on cleaning them up. For the outer surfaces and non-sensitive parts I am using the wire wheel on the bench grinder and a tooth-brush sized wire brush dipped in Brasso. Other metal polishes are available. On the inner surfaces, just the Brasso on a soft cloth. I haven’t taken pictures of ‘after’ yet, put I will post a couple of ‘befores’.
      Good to see someting from Paul. Now we know you can, we will expect more. Hint.

      Cheers, fred

  36. Here is a picture of the Practical Classics A105 Countryman Restoration project taken on their stand at the Practical Classics Restoration & Classic Car Show in March.

    The car is now in the hands of CBR (Car & Bike Refinishers) who are putting it back together again. They only stopped work because they ran out of parts!

    • The dates for next year’s Practical Classics Restoration & Classic Car show at the NEC is 25th & 26th march 2017 and I have sent in an application form for the club to have a club stand. Just a pity that the clocks go forward on the same weekend.

  37. Hi All,
    There has been a problem with the Club Blog it was down for 2 days but its now back up again. The only problem is that All the Blog entries from 4/2/16 to 4/4/16 have been lost. Sinclaire Knight have said that is was there fault and are very sorry,if possible they will try to get back lost blogs .

  38. Hi Peeps. Tool snob? Not been called that before. You should see the number of very old, second or third hand tools I have. Wire brushed, rust treated and sprayed silver, they live on the rack alongside my best ratchet spanners. My first electric tyre inflater was rescued from a neighbours bin, repaired and put back into service. Twenty years ago. Still working. The other two are part of those jump start gizmo’s. I had a foot-pump but it was forever falling over and giving my ankle a good smack. I binned it. I hate throwing anything away, but this was in my opinion, unfit for purpose and was was inflicting pain.
    Looking forward to the photo posting instructions.

    Cheers guys.

  39. Hi All,
    This website seems to be made up of err wealthy tool snobs.I cannot help being a former poor working class slob, who makes do, and any way a foot pump is good for excising your leg muscles.I only use the pump to put back few pounds pressure and do not want a flat car battery. I rest my case.
    Ashley your Dunlop pump is worth a fortune.guard it with your life,I bet it has a brass barrel.Pure excellent British Quality.who let go of that???
    Regards Ken.

  40. Hi Ken. I looked at the Fertan website. Nearest stockist is about 8 miles away. I will have to ring for details on quantities and prices. Unless Jeff can get us a better deal?
    What made you go for a foot pump instead of an electric one? I’m a bit spoilt, with three electrics and a compressor.
    Regards, Fred.

  41. Hi All,
    Jeff’s last blog only turned up on my listing late last night.
    Fred if you click onto the links on left of this page and look for Fertan and click on stockist for the product, all will be shown, there is a stockist not 2 miles from me.
    My tyre foot pump sheared one of its pivot joints yesterday its only 2 years old, the rubbish which is imported into this country from the far east leaves a lot to be desired.I’ve found another on the net made in Germany,its a bit pricey, I hope when it arrives it will see me out.
    Regards Ken.

  42. Hi Jeff, somehow missed your last blog. It appeared on my phone this morning. Great news about the picture posting. I hope it’s easy!
    I was re-reading the newsletter yesterday and noticed the Fertan ad. More than happy to give it a try, but I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere. I’ll have to look on their website for stockists. Presumably it is available in small quantities?

  43. Hi gang. Still on the cleaning kick. I got fed-up with catching myself on the grease and gunge encrusted steering gear every time I went under the car. So today I took off the track rods and drag link and cleaned and degreased them. They have had a coat of grey primer and tomorrow will be sprayed silver. The rubbers were all split and completely cream crackered, so they went in the bin. Brakeline Factors do a universal pack of 20 new ones for £18+ vat. So I will be collecting those on Monday, along with some more brake fluid. The new fuel pump came yesterday, several days earlier than expected. They don’t come the pipe unions, so I will have to order some. One place wants £11 odd each, plus vat! No flipping chance. If I remember I’ll ask if the Factors stock them.
    Cheers. Fred.

  44. Hi All
    Just to update as mentioned in my previous blogs the back office to wordpress blog is now being updated and as from Wednesday next week all things being equal you should be able to attach a picture to your blog reply.
    With regards to rust converters just a few points on the products mentioned although most products have their place there are fundamental differences between the way they actually work, so some good reasons not to use some of these products.
    Krust, damages paint work, does not soak through to the rust, does not put down a layer of zinc phosphate, treats surface rust only, needs a lot of washing to remove residue acid from the surface, and when the metal is dry it will start to rust and you are back to square one.
    Flag rust converter, has to be used above 10 degrees centigrade, does not put down zinc phosphate layer, very much like similar products/ rust paints they encapsulate the rust to reappear another day.
    These types of product are ok for short term solutions and have their place. However, a product that will surpass and convert rust is `Fertan Rust Converter` Europe’s number one brand leader, and recommended by Haynes Restoration manual and Lindsay Porter the Land Rover Guru.
    I also need to declare my interest as I work with Fertan UK any queries email me jeffrey@fertan.co.uk there is an advert in the club newsletter which may be of interest. Or visit http://www.fertan.com
    Happy days, Jeff

    • Hi All,
      Fred have you tried slowing down the engine tick over speed to stop your running on problem??Its used to stop it with my A35 and Saab.
      Just a thought .Regards Ken.

  45. Hi Ken, I seem to recollect reading that the interleaves increased the friction in the spring and had a damping effect. I would rather go for more efficient and smoother spring performance and get the damping from better shock absorbers. If the leaves are ‘polished’ and swimming in oil, I don’t think wear will be a factor. I suspect that Wefco gaiters are a bit pricey, so I’ll have a crack at making my when the time comes.
    I can recommend the Bond film. Some brilliant action as you would expect.

    Cheers. Fred

  46. Hi All,
    Thanks for your input Ashley,I am never too old to learn.
    The zinc inter leaves are quite thin Fred,just sheet metal, I’ve read some where once they stopped the steel spring leaves wearing out by rubbing on each other.
    Regards Ken.

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